If you heard about Evernote and its little slap it got, at the end of november 2016, from the users community (because of the changes of the policy related to our own notebooks), you will then now understand what the purpose of that project.

Orotangi is your own private notebook where you will store your thoughts and access them from anywhere.


Once again, as I already said, when something bother me, I build something else by myself.

I already made or use the following open source a clone of :

and now I start to make an open source clone of Evernote with Orotangi.

Yes, that's the toolbox I use to organize my everyday life :

  • settings reminder for rendez-vous
  • grabbing news to be read later
  • write a meeting report
  • put thoughts of projects
  • and so on

Where is the project ?

As I started at the end of january, it's absolutly not usable at all but I launched the project on github, in two pieces :

Why that one ?

In my Freedom quest, as usual, I don't do anything to make project better than the original ones, I make them, because I need it first of all, and to feel well in my shoes :P

By "well in my shoes", I mean disposing of my life with tools that are not the property of a company that could spy what I do with their services.

By "could spy", I mean a company that could decide by itself to read our personal data or track the things we do with our data, or the Government of those companies which could bend each of them, to grab our own personnal data and control our life.

Yes, I know, you could say, "go on and make an opensource clone of gmail, facebook". But in fact, I do things by myself when I don't have the choice, and for those "services", I can switch from gmail to my hosting provider tomorrow, it's not a big deal for myself as I'd already done that for the account I use for my "developer life", and that will be finished to be spied.

And I don't care of facebook at all.

When things go wrong with google and gmail I will warn the family to start thinking about changing their habits, but that... it's another story....